M06-2 CAD - complete tool paths for milling machine


  • Learn to create toolpaths for CNC milling,
  • Master the creation of complex toolpaths with machining of both sides of a frame.


Opticians, dispensing opticians and technicians, sales professionals
wishing to improve when using a digitally controlled machine applied to the production of frames.


  •  Validation of module M06-1 or mastery of computer-aided design.


8 hours training Module.

Educational tools

  • Training course carried out exclusively by the FrenchMaster Craftsmen in eyewear (Meilleurs Ouvriers de France Lunetiers),
  • Maximum 3 trainees per trainer,
  • Alternating theoretical, practical and methodological inputs,
  • Technical documentation, samples, photos, models of equipment already made,
  • Eyewear workshop,
  • Supply of various materials and tools,
  • The trainee may bring his/her own equipment,

Methods of assessing knowledge

Continuous monitoring: trainees will be evaluated on their theoretical knowledge and skills through exercises and practical cases on the implementation of the different steps. Exchanges between trainees and trainer.
At the end of the module: the trainees will self-assess their skills as well as theoretical and practical knowledge acquired in this module with exchanges with the trainer.


CAM menu (tool path manufacturing)

  • Presentation of the software and its function in the creation chain,
  • Importing the file created with the drawing software,
  • Adjustment of the data related to the raw material, dimensions, thickness, position,
  • Presentation of the specific tools for the management of paths, selection, position, node editor etc,
  • Presentation of the possible types of milling,
  • Use of the tools in the library, creation/modification of tools according to the materials to be machined and the milling cutters available, 
  • Adjustment of the feed rate, plunge and rotation parameters of the cutting tools
    according to the materials being machined,
  • Selection of the paths to be machined,
  • Adjustment of the milling depth,
  • Setting the position of the inner or outer toolpath,
  • Adding holding lugs for fragile parts,
  • Launching the toolpath calculation,
  • 3D visualisation of the milling before machining,
  • Saving Gcode files for the machining program. 

Certificate of training

A document will be issued to trainees on the basis of the skills they have learned at the end of the course.

Lieu de formation

Formation à l’école des Meilleurs Ouvriers de France Lunetiers 8 Rue de l'Industrie  39400 Morez ‐ France et/ou en visioconférence.

Cost of the training course

760€ HT / 912€ TTC

Dates and fees of our training courses

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Please register at least one week before the course date.

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